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"It holds my material steady,but lets me move it when I need to!"

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Height Gauge Marking Tool
$28.00 each
Using this tool and a pencil you can accuratly mark lines on your cutout. This allows you to carve proportionally and quickly round your carving, achiving semetry with great accuracy and no guess work.

Like lines on a topographic map, our height gauge tool can help you visualize the shape, height, and three dimentional propotions of your carving. The Height Gauge allows you to draw level and straight lines at specific intervals. Using these reference lines on the top and sides of your carving lets you to see when one side of your carving is slightly wider or narrower than the other side --giving you the ability to carve quickly and confidently - taking the guess work out of roughing out the shape of your decoy.

The Height Gauge holds a standard pencil level and straight in each of its notched slots. The pencil will stay in place by simply pressing it into a slot, making it hold steady as you mark your carving.

The Height Gauge is made of sturdy, clear and translucent plexiglass.

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