Wood Carving Fixture
"It holds my material steady,but lets me move it when I need to!"

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ViceTight Assembly
$149.50 each

The Vicetight Assembly is our carving vise that does not require you to have an existing bench vise. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to your bench.

ViceTight Carving Fixture
$98.00 each

Our original carving fixture that works with your existing vise

Hunting Decoy Basics Book
$22.00 each

This step by step book (includes two sets of plans) is great for beginners and advanced carvers alike. It contains techniques that simplify the process of carving systematically.

Hunting Decoy Pattern Drawings
$34.00 each

A total of 15 highly detailed prints that you may copy only for your own use. These prints are compatible with the methods and techniques shown in the Hunting Decoy Basics Book.

Species included:
Mallard Drake
Northern Pintail Drake (alert pose)
Northern Pintail Drake (relaxed pose)
Green Wing Teal Drake
Cinnamon Teal Drake
Northern Shoveler
Ruddy Duck Drake
Redhead Drake
Lesser Scaup Drake
Canvasback Drake
Canvasback Drake (high head)
Canvasback Hen (sleeper)
Canvasback Drake (low head)
Eurasian Wigeon
Common Loon

also a diagram for correct eye placement.

Height Gauge Marking Tool
$32.00 each

Using this tool and a pencil you can accurately mark lines on your cutout. This allows you to carve proportionally and quickly round your carving, achieving symmetry with great accuracy and no guess work. The gauge stands 9.5 inches in height.

Sizing Calipers
$12.95 each ( or set of 3 Small for $38.55 )


This set of sizing calipers allows you to ensure symmetry and check your carving against the pattern. The calipers come in various sizes and are affordable enough to dedicate each to a specific part of your carving, such as bill and feather locations, without having to remeasure with calipers or rulers.

Detail Sanders
$8.00 each

Detail sanding on areas such as feathers and small creases and corners can be tough. These Detail Sanders allow you control and access to small areas as well as smoothing large ones.


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