Wood Carving Fixture
"It holds my material steady,but lets me move it when I need to!"

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Sizing Calipers
$12.95 each ( or set of 3 Small Calipers for $38.55 )
Multi-Item Suggestion: Start with a set of three small size calipers and then add larger ones if you find that you need them.

This set of sizing calipers allows you to ensure symmetry and check your carving against the pattern. The calipers come in various sizes and are affordable enough to dedicate each to a specific part of your carving, such as bill and feather locations, without having to remeasure with calipers or rulers.


Sizing and comparing your carving to a plan or checking to see if sizes on one side of your carving are symetrical to the other side used to be guess work, or requred you to use an expensive calliper to check it -- but then you found yourself constantly readjusting your calipers to check two other critical dimentions.

Our callipers are inexpensive and come in a set of various sizes. You can afford to dedicate each one to different dimentions on your carving which you have to check after every few cuts to your work.

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