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"It holds my material steady,but lets me move it when I need to!"

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ViceTight Assembly
$149.50 each
The Vicetight Assembly is our carving vise that does not require you to have an existing bench vise. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to your bench.

For decoy and other woodcarving projects, an item can be held firmly in position and freely worked with both hands from any angle.

The Vice Tight Assembly is our latest product. It can be easily locked into any position and is rock solid. The carver can stabilize a piece horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between for heavy work or sensitive detailing. Now you can control tools with both hands safely.

Vice Tight is adjustable. By slightly loosening the adjustment and twisting, the object being worked can be easily positioned, allowing a carver easy access to all areas of the carving with hand or power tools.

The friction clutch action can be adjusted so that you can easily move into any desired position quickly.


Mounting your ViseTight Assembly on its side will give your excellent access for working the underside of your carving. See also our original Vice Tight Carving Fixture... all the same great features but uses your existing bench vise!


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